Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia

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Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia

A town on water such as Venice is should be seen not only from within the streets but offering a unique view of the city from the water, this can be achieved by spending a few hours on board a water taxi.

  • Tour of the Grand Canal

    Tour of the Grand Canal

    The water-taxi will collect from your hotel (if it has a private landing stage or your nearest water collection point ), from here you will journey along the Grand Canal where you can admire the History and the splendour of Venice evident in the the century-old palaces adorning either side of this famous canal.

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  • Tour of the little canals

    Tour of the little canals

    A one hour water-taxi ride along the smaller Canals of Venice discovering the charm and silence of narrow canals immersed in shadow. The itinerary meanders through the canals, under bridges and past squares, a glimpse of secret gardens... An unique experience to be enjoyed!

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  • Islands Tour

    Islands Tour

    This tour takes a minimum of 4 hours. Leaving the city you head out to the northern lagoon where you can have a tour of its most famous islands: a relaxing itinerary, away from the city to savour the natural beauty of the lagoon that sustained the founding communities of Venice. Murano is the island famous for its glassworks, Burano with its brightly coloured houses and famous lace and Torcello.

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  • Glass Factory Tour Glass Factory Tour

    Glass Factory Tour

    From all possible landing stages situated within the city. we will take you North, through the City to the island of Murano. Murano is famous for its glassworks, an age-old activity that has kept its traditions intact to this day. Here you can admire the master glassblowers at work and witness the evolution of glass production on a visit to the Glass Museum.

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